Past events

What we do

BC creates events from zero, be it National events to street festivals and social initiatives. 

2016| 2017

·Organized “Lebnani Ko7” Hamra Str. Festival 

·Organized “Mothers’ Day Pop Up Market” Makdessi Str. 

·Organized Civil Independence Day Celebration 

·Organized Makdessi Street Spring Festival

·Organized Makdessi Street Summer Festival 

·Organized Makdessi Street Autumn festival


·Organized the IDC Gala dinner

·Organized Tarik Al Jadida Adha Parade, 

·Organized Independence Celebrations  

·Organized “A Green Easter” Zaitunay Bay,

·Organized Independence Celebrations 


.Organized Holiday Food Drive 

·Organising and working on Neighborhood Gathering and initiative in partnership with United Front of Ras Beirut


·Organized Civil Independence Celebrations· Created and organized United Hands for Lebanon 

o United hands on the web– (October 2014)

o U for United the biggest letter in the World (November 2014)

o United Hands Human Chains (November 2014)

· Organized Eid Beirut,Street Festival, Solidere (July 2014)

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·Organized Maraya Hamra Street Festival· .Organized Maraya Hamra St. Festival

·Organized Hamra St. A Christmas Twinkle