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Holiday Food Drive 2018

Giving Back This Holiday Season

For the third consecutive year, Beirut Celebrations and the Lebanese Food Bank in addition joining us this year United Hands of Ras Beirut Association have Come together in this holiday season in order to give back to associations who care for children some basic survival items that are on there wish lists.

During the holiday rush, it's easy to get caught up in buying gifts for our loved ones to show we love them.

But for the 30 % of Lebanese living in poverty, reality looks much different, their wish lists cannot be offered to them.

For this reason and in the spirit of giving back, our aim is to offer them basic survival items as well as toys to bring a smile to their faces.

Everyone can participate! Volunteers and donations will make

This “Christmas Holiday Toy/ Food Drive a success”



Lots of goodies, cake, bagels, cookies, etc. 

Mouneh items, rice, flour, sugar, lentils, cooking oil, cereals, pasta etc. 

Household cleaning items, detergent, hand soap. ² ²Canned food, vegetables, fruits, jam, tuna etc. ² ²Last but not least TOYS

Your Support

Your Support helps us offer the best. While our work is offered from the heart, it is stark reality that financial support is critical to be able to do and offer more.

Putting a smile on a Childs' face is priceless, yet the required program does cost money.

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